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Name:Avenged Sevenfold Slash
Posting Access:All Members, Moderated
Community description:Slash fiction (m/m) for the band Avenged Sevenfold.
Summary: This community is dedicated to the m/m slash fiction for the members of the band Avenged Sevenfold.
General Disclaimer: This community is in no way affiliated with the boys of Avenged Sevenfold, thus meaning all stories within the community are fiction, and does not reflect the personal or professional lives of any real person portrayed herein.
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1. Fiction
a. Must be pairings between the members of Avenged Sevenfold.
i. Crossover pairings are permissible, as long as one person is from Avenged Sevenfold.
ii. Mods reserve the right to remove any material deemed objectionable.
- Stories containing what the mods deem descriptive het can and will be removed without warning. This is not to say that het isn't allowed period, it is simply restricted to kissing, cuddling, and vague reference to sex, meaning a sex scene may be implied, but not written. If you are unsure about your fic, feel free to PM one of the mods with the scene in question.
iii. No gender-swap fics. Sorry, but this is a m/m community. I would rather no het at all, but sometimes writers find it necessary for their plot. But absolutely NO gender-swapping here. This means if you're going to write an m-preg, the pregnant male must be male. No suddenly sprouting vaginae here. A lot of people are squicked by m-preg anyway, but I find it okay as long as a person can write it well and make it interesting.

2. Posting
a. All posts must have an appropriate headline and be under an LJ cut.
b. All story posts must contain:
i. Title
ii. Author
iii. Pairing(s)
N.B No "pet names" on the main page. (i.e. Bracky, Synacky, Jimohnny, Mimmy, etc.) Usage in the comments is fine.
iv. Rating
v. Summary
vi. Disclaimer (this is a MUST. Any post found to be lacking one can and will be removed unless rectified immediately.)
vii. Author's Note (optional. Try to keep it to one or two lines. We don't need an epic story explaining why your update is late. If your A/N MUST be long, place it under the cut.)

c. There are guides to HTML and posting all over the internet. If you need help finding a good one, don't hesitate to ask!

3. Writing
a. All writing must be spelling and grammar checked.
i. Stories found to have multiple mistakes will result in a warning and the suggestion of finding a beta.
ii. Failure to comply will result in the story in question being removed.
b. Plagiarism will not be tolerated. If a member believes a story has been plagiarized and can prove it, the offending story will be removed as soon as possible. That will serve as the only warning to the offending writer. Second offense will result in a ban.
c. Don't beg for comments. It's annoying and failure to comply with this rule will result in a warning, then removal from the community.
d. It is common courtesy to respond to comments made to your post. Just a simple thanks in return for their taking the time to read and comment your story is sufficient.
e. Learn to take constructive criticism.
i. Good writing comes from time spent practicing. Don't be offended when one tells you there are things that could be fixed. Thank them for taking the time to review and use that review to better yourself.
ii. Don't ask for constructive criticism and then get offended when you get it. Also note that not everyone will like your stories, so not every review will be so nice to read.

4. Commenting
a. Please, if you take the time to read something, leave a comment. You would want the same for your own posts.
b. Do not leave comments verbally assaulting the writer. Member-bashing will not be tolerated.
i. If you don't like the story they wrote, fine. You may say so, and why.
ii. Leaving a comment meant to attack the writer may result in the offender being banned.
c. Learn to give constructive criticism. It's very much appreciated. If anything, refrain from leaving single word/sentence comments.

5. Acceptable and unacceptable posts
a. RP advertisements are not appreciated. Mods reserve the right to remove them if they so wish. Promote those elsewhere.
b. Advertisements for other communities are acceptable but supervised. Please ask one of the mods before posting.
c. No irrelevant posts. Posts must have something to do with Avenged Sevenfold slash and be placed under a cut.

Acceptable: Stories, photos, videos, drawings. Anything of this nature pertaining to Avenged Sevenfold slashy goodness.

Unacceptable: Material of pairings not related to Avenged Sevenfold and discussion of the band's personal lives. (i.e. family, girlfriends/fiancees/wives, friends, clothing lines, etc.) We only care if Brian and Zack are caught having sex and there's video/photo evidence, 'kay?

Mods can be reached through private message. If you have a question, PM one of the mods. Do not make a post for it.

6. Profanity
a. I'm not going to tell you to asterisk out profanity. Come on, it's a slash community full of stories of guys having sex. Anyone reading here cusses or sees/hears cussing on a regular basis. If you don't, then you're probably too young or pure and shouldn't be here. Just don't go over board, okay? Maybe a limit of 2 cuss words on the main page. Go crazy behind the cut if you so wish. Or, if you really feel more comfortable censoring on the front page, go ahead. It's up to you.

7. Post, comment, and enjoy! Despite the list of rules, we really do want you to enjoy yourselves here. Please understand that rules are set to make this place as enjoyable as possible without restricting too much.
Also, please be sure to tell us a bit about yourself here.


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